The Open University of Israel

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Sharon Area
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One of the eight universities in Israel accredited by the Council for Higher Education, its uniqueness is that it admits to undergraduate study any person without entrance examinations or certificates of previous education and offers studies using the open university (distance learning) method. At the master’s degree level, entrance requirements are similar to those that are in use in other universities. Graduates of the Open University can be admitted to master’s or doctoral degree programs in the other universities. In addition to undergraduate degree programs, the Open University offers programs leading to a master’s degree in various fields, as well as a program of study in industrial engineering and management. The Open University serves as a filtering tool for other universities: candidates who can not gain admission to other universities in the usual manner can be admitted automatically through “transfer channels” that the Open University maintains with other institutions, if they fulfill the channel’s conditions (composition of courses and grades, pre-defined for each particular channel). A student who is admitted to a university on the basis of a transfer channel from the Open University can continue his studies, usually directly from the second year of his study.

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108 Rabotzky St., POB 808, Ra'anana 43107

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