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The Holon Institute of Technology is an institution of higher education accredited by the Council for Higher Education to award degrees. The Institute focuses on instruction in the sciences, engineering, management of technology, and design and conducts theoretical and applied research. In its first 25 years the Institute served as a research institute of Tel-Aviv University’s Faculty of Engineering. At the beginning of the 90’s, with the establishment of academic colleges in Israel, it was decided to offer undergraduate instruction at the Institute and to transform it into a college. As a result, the Holon Institute of Technology is different from other academic colleges in Israel that were established as teaching institutions and only added involvement in research in stages. In 2006 the Institute underwent a process of “rebranding” and today it presents itself as HIT – Holon Institute of Technology. The Institute awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following programs: electrical engineering and electronics; applied mathematics and computer sciences; industrial design, interior design and visual communication. The Institute operates a pre-academic preparatory program assisted and overseen by the Ministry of Education and the Fund for Absorption of Discharged Soldiers. This program offers: improvement of matriculation grades, making up missing matriculation exams, improvement of grades, “refresher” courses and making up missing knowledge in mathematics and physics, preparatory courses for the psychometric exams and a preparatory course in design.

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POB 305, Holon 58102

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