Sha’arei Mishpat – The College of Legal Studies

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Sharon Area
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“Sha’arei Mishpat” was established in 1995 by an association of public figures in the field of law, economics, and the academy. The college was recognized by the authorized committee, according to the Israel Bar Association Law, as a colleges whose graduates are eligible, after a period of internship and successfully passing the Israel Bar Association exams, to receive a license to practice law, as do graduates of faculties and colleges of law in Israel. “Sha’arei Mishpat” was accredited by the Council for Higher Education and is authorized to award a bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B.). In 2010 the College received the Council’s permission to open additional programs of study leading to a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a non-thesis master’s degree in Jewish Law.

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1, Aliyat Ha'noar St. P.O.B 261, Hod Hasharon 45101

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