Bezalel – Academy of Arts and Design

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Academic Institutions
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Jerusalem Area
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An academy for art and design in Jerusalem. The school was first established in 1906 by Boris Shatz and was the first art school in Israel in the 20th Century. The works that were created in the school by students are considered the beginning of Israeli visual art. The institution is located today on the campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem. The Academy has the following teaching departments: art, architecture, ceramic design, industrial design, jewelry-making and fashion, photography, visual communication, screen arts including animation and video, and a department of history and theory. The Department of Architecture is located in the center of Jerusalem in the historic Bezalel building on Shmuel HaNagid Street. The Academy offers today programs of study leading to a bachelor’s degree B.F.A. in art, a bachelor’s degree in architecture – B.Arch., a bachelor’s degree B.Des. in design, programs leading to the Master of Fine Arts degree in arts, and two programs leading to the degree of M.Des. in urban design and industrial design.

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POB 24046, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91240

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