Bar-Ilan University

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Tel-Aviv Area
Publicly funded institutions


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Bar-Ilan University is the largest of Israel’s universities and has the fastest rate of growth of all of them. Almost 34,000 students study at Bar-Ilan University, 25,930 of them studying for a degree at the main University campus in Ramat-Gan and at regional colleges in programs under the academic auspices of the University, and a further 8,000 studying in various study programs at Bar-Ilan University. The uniqueness of Bar-Ilan University is in the imparting of the foundations of Jewish heritage through basic courses in Jewish Studies, the Institute for Advanced Torah Studies and the nurturing of Jewish identity together with high level academic study and the promotion of advanced research in its faculties, departments and research centers. It has also established the fifth Israeli school of medicine.

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Ramat-Gan 52900

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