Ariel University

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Higher Education Institutions Accredited by The Council for Higher Education of Judea and Samaria (Malag Yosh)
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Jerusalem Area
Publicly funded institutions


General description

The Ariel University in Samaria is an institution of higher education. It was established as a regional college in 1983 in Kdumim in the Samaria, and during 1990-1991 the college moved to Ariel. In 1991 academic study was opened under the auspices and supervision of Bar-Ilan University. In 1994 the college received a permit by the Council of Higher Education of Judea and Samaria and in 1996 it was recognized. In 2007 the Council of Higher Education of Judea and Samaria recognized the college as a University Center and in 2010 this decision was approved by the IDF regional Commander. In 2012 the institution was recognized as a University.

The institution has 26 departments for undergraduate and graduate study in three faculties: the Faculty of Engineering; the Faculty of Natural Sciences; and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. There are three schools: a school of architecture, a school of communication, and a school of health sciences.

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Ariel University , Ariel 40700

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