Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering

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Academic Institutions
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Tel-Aviv Area
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An academic college that trains engineers for the B.Sc. degree, with the approval of the Council for Higher Education. The College was established in 1996 as a consequence of initiatives to establish technological colleges that are not universities, throughout the country. Initially, the College operated on the campus of Tel-Aviv University, and two years later moved and operated as an independent body in the “Campus for Engineering and Technological Studies” in the Neot Afeka neighborhood. Since 2003, the College has been authorized by the Council for Higher Education to award the degree of B.Sc. to its graduates. The College has six study tracks: software engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and management, medical engineering and systems engineering.

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218 Benei Ephraim St., Tel-Aviv 69107

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