Statistical Data

The Planning and Information Department is responsible for collecting and distributing statistical data on all aspects of the higher education system in Israel.

The array of statistical data maintained by the Planning and Information Department serves as a national source of information on everything connected with the higher education system in Israel. This source is an available and reliable tool used by the management of the PBC and the various departments of the PBC in their work, as well as by the PBC members when reaching decisions on all matters brought before them. In its work, the Department is in regular contact with planning and data processing organizations in Israel and abroad who are important and reliable sources of information in other higher education systems throughout the world. This site will publish a variety of basic data on the main aspects of the higher education system. The data published at this stage refer to the most common questions directed to the department. In addition, a more detailed statistical review relating to the main developments in the higher education system in recent years can be found in the PBC’s Annual Report No. 31/32 for 2004-2005.

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The Higher Education System in Israel 2014


Data on Students in Institutions of Higher Education


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