The Council For Higher Education

The Council for Higher Education (CHE) was established in accordance with the Council for Higher Education Law 5718-1958, as the State institution in Israel responsible for higher education.

The goal was to establish a public, apolitical, independent and professional body to stand between the Government and the institutions of higher education and to deal with all issues connected with higher education in Israel, including setting policy in fundamental issues while ensuring the independence of the higher education system, the development and preservation of its quality, and at the same time recognizing the diverse characteristics of the institutions of higher education and of the student population in Israel.
The composition of the CHE, as set out in law, reflects the purpose of the CHE, with at least two thirds of the Council’s members “persons of standing in the field of higher education” from a variety of institutions of higher education, and the remaining members representing students and the public.


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The Planning and Budgeting Committee

The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) is a sub-committee of the Council for Higher Education. The central idea behind the establishment of the PBC was that it would serve as an independent buffer between the Government on one side, and the institutions of higher education on the other side, in all issues of allocation of funds to the higher education system, and would coordinate the overall handling of the subject.

The functions of the PBC were set in accordance with a Government decision from 1977, and include:
To propose higher education budgets, taking into consideration the needs of society and the State and while safe-guarding academic freedom and with due diligence for research and instruction;
To have the exclusive right to allocate the regular and development budgets for higher education between the institutions of higher education;
To promote efficiency in the institutions of higher education and to monitor the utilization of budgets in order to prevent deficits;


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