How The Council For Higher Education Functions

The Council for Higher Education has established various rules that deal with aspects of its work, such as:

• rules for granting a permit to open and maintain an institution of higher education;

• rules for the accreditation of institutions of higher education;

• rules for the recognition of academic degrees;

• rules for authorizing an accredited institution to award a recognized academic degree;

• rules for revoking the accreditation of an accredited institution;


What is the process of applying for permission to maintain academic studies?


An institution that wishes to maintain academic studies and to award an academic degree, whether it is an accredited institution or has not yet been accredited, must submit its application to the Academic Division of the CHE (Council for Higher Education).


The Academic Division will undertake a number of preliminary examinations, including of the legal corporation that operates the institution (in the case of a request to open an institution of higher education), all according to the Council for Higher Education Law and the directives of the CHE.


The application is then forwarded concurrently to the CHE’s Budgeting Division, Legal Division, and Division for Wages and Terms of Employment. These divisions examine the planning and budgeting aspects of the application, including an assessment of the financial strength of the institution and an assessment of any economic implications of adding other programs of study.



What is the Planning and Budgeting Committee’s part in this process?


Institutions that are budgeted by the PBC (the Planning and Budgeting Committee) undergo additional planning checks, on the need for the institution or the program, from a broad, national point of view (as part of the multi-year plan).


Furthermore, the Council appoints committees of experts in the relevant fields who carry out academic examinations of the application, according to set criteria, the rules of the Council for Higher Education and its fundamental decisions.

The recommendations of the committees of experts are submitted to the Council, along with the PBC’s opinion. The Council’s decisions are supported by these recommendations.



The conclusion of the process and receiving approval


Upon conclusion of the examinations, the application is forwarded to the PBC for discussion. The Committee discusses the request and transmits its opinion to the plenum of the Council for Higher Education. If the Council finds the application worthy, it will be approved.


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